New trends in marketing research

As an Association, we have noticed that market research is evolving at an exponential pace. Every year the pace of innovation in the industry increases. As such we have seen it fit to host a training workshop on New trends in marketing research. Customer Database. The workshop will be held on the 18th of August at Sango Conference Cresta lodge from 0830hrs-0900hrs. Cost of the training is $110 and this will cover course material, meals and participation

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MAZ unveils the top 200 brands

On 24 June, Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) unveiled the top 200 brands at a breakfast meeting held at Cresta Lodge. This marks the first phase of the Superbrand process. As usual, before the unveiling of the shortlisted brands, the Adjudication Committee was given a chance to verify and endorse these 2016 sectorial brands in Zimbabwe. Continue reading “MAZ unveils the top 200 brands”

Superbrand process in detail

a.    Step One: Shortlisting of Brands

  • The first phase in the Superbrand process is the selection of brands that participate into the research. In 2016 200 brands were shortlisted during this phase. During the shortlisting phase, consumers are first educated on what constitutes a Superbrand and are then asked to randomly mention companies or brands that they considered to be Superbrands in Zimbabwe. This process is done without prompting the consumer.

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Save the Date: Marketers Winter School 2016

The Marketers Association of Zimbabwe will be hosting the Marketers Winter School on the 29th of June to 2 July  2016, at The Great Zimbabwe Hotel in Masvingo.The Annual Marketers Winter School, which is done in conjunction with IMM, is the Association’s flagship for intensive training and Continuous Professional Development for Marketers.

This program is targeted to senior marketers in Zimbabwe. The coaching classes are meant to equip marketers with unparalleled expertise on running successful marketing programmes. Highly qualified facilitators from the local and international fraternity are engaged so that marketers realise maximum benefits from their classes.

This training program is divided into 3 phases. Phase 1, is for marketers who have never attended the Winter School. Participants in this phase are supposed to have at least a marketing qualification, from Diploma level, by a recognised institution. They are also supposed to have recognisable working experience. In the phase 1 program, participants are taken through the cardinal stages of Strategic Marketing Planning. Participants are then given an assignment which, if successfully completed and meets the assessor’s satisfaction, makes them attain the Marketing Practitioner Status. Undoubtedly, this will be a stepping stone for their career as well guarantee recognition as an astute marketer.


Phase 2 is for marketers with a desire for Continuous Professional Development, but also has an inclination towards obtaining the ZimChartered Marketer Status. Participants are also taken through pertinent marketing topics. Phase 3, is for those who are in their final year, towards the achievement of the ZimChartered Marketer program. These participants will be making presentations as part of their program requirements.The Marketers Winter School is a must attend for all marketers. Not only does it provide a professional learning platform, but it gives marketers an opportunity to network, and share experiences with people of like mindedness, a powerful tool for learning.The Winter School, like several MAZ events, is there to further marketing professionalism and will also create lasting networks. For the new group of participants, one of the benefits of attending includes being automatically enlisted in the MAZ individual database. Marketers are therefore urged to be on the lookout for direct invitations that will be sent from MAZ to attend this school. This is also a great platform for marketers to network. We also encourage all marketers to make networking a life skill and not something you do because you want something.

For bookings to this year’s Marketers Winter School, contact our MAZ Training Coordinator on email,

Differentiation is key: Become BETTER not cheaper

One of the key indicators of a powerful marketing strategy is knowing that differentiation is the heart of successful marketing. Professor McDonald contends that this is done by proving that dealing with you will create advantage for your customer, and not merely make them avoid disadvantage. The added advantage of a consumer also includes the emotional contribution which is reinforcing the “feel good factor”.  The Professor emphasized that although powerful branding is important, effective needs based segmentation is even more important.

He went on to quote Peter Walshe, Global BrandZ Director, Millward Brown who stated that:

“Innovation for its own sake will not necessarily create differentiation. Instead, brands need to show that they are meaningfully different. Consumers believe Samsung’s mobile devices are better engineered, but Apple’s products resonate in a more meaningful and differentiated way.”

McDonald also highlighted that many organisations engage in price reduction strategies. However it is important to be BETTER before being cheaper.  Your product should compete on differentiators rather than price. Cost cutting maybe the easiest route to take but the better strategy to employ is that of increasing revenue.

Develop a Strategy That Creates Shareholder Value: Professor Malcolm McDonald

Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) hosted the Jumpstart Business Conference from 19 – 21 April at the Rainbow Towers Hotel. The conference drew interest from business executives from a wide range of industry sectors, as the guest speaker was Professor Malcolm McDonald, a world renowned business consultant who has consulted for many major companies in the UK, Europe, USA, Far East, South-East Asia, Australasia and Africa.

The first session of the conference was targeted at CEOs, Marketing Directors, Managing Directors and Board Members and it was under the theme,  “Meeting The Marketing/Finance Boardroom Challenge: How To Develop A Strategy That Creates Shareholder Value”. The second session which was targeted at marketers was meant to equip them with skills on how to create a competitive edge through marketing strategy.

Professor Malcolm McDonald

The Professor stated that the overall purpose of strategic marketing and its principal focus is the identification and creation of sustainable competitive advantage. There is a definite link between long run financial success and excellent marketing strategies. Excellent strategies are those that target needs based segments and make a specific offer to each segment. He also emphasised the need to have clear differentiation, positioning and branding. The common mistake marketers make, whether from large corporates or small to medium enterprises is to concentrate on the product. All products are excellent, the key is therefore to be different. To the detriment of the company, some plans and strategies are made based on historical data, with little understanding of product weaknesses or strengths.

McDonald also emphasised that:

“In capital markets, success is measured in terms of shareholder value added (SVA), having taken account of the risks associated with future strategies, the time value of money and the cost of capital”

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